Fredrik Suuri puolustaa Preussia muuta eurooppaa vastaan

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Friedrich sijoittuu 1756 Fredrik Suuren taisteluihin Preussin puolesta.

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Kieli: Englanti

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It is the summer of 1756. Frederick the Great faces the grim fact that half of Europe has formed an alliance. He is in deep sorrow: It seems to him that their aim is the annihilation of Prussia.

Therefore he makes a preemptive strike against Saxony, which surrenders weeks later. But this is only the first chapter in what would become known as the Seven Years War! Prussia is completely encircled by her enemies, the biggest continental powers in Europe. England and Hanover are her only allies. – For Prussia, the situation is easy to sum up: To be or not to be.

Soon the Prussian House is burning. France has conquered Northern Germany. Austria has invaded Silesia. Russian hordes are crossing the River Oder, and Berlin is a mere five days march away!