C3I Magazine #33

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C3I Magazine #33
C3I Magazine #33 C3I Magazine #33 C3I Magazine #33

C3i lehden numero 33

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• Close to 100 pages of content, C3i Nr 33 features a meaty 67-page magazine, 24-page rulebook and playthrough manual, and "The Waterloo Campaign 1815," the second volume of the C3i Series, designed by Mark Herman(including 22x34" map and counters)• Articles on boardgames Holland'44, Empire of the Sun, Fields of Fire, Campaigns of 1777 and more!• Inserts for The Battles of the American Revolution Series, SPQR Deluxe, Empire of the Sun, Twilight Struggle and others!

• Also includes Peel & Stick Labels for your C3i Collector Boxes!!