C3I Magazine #34

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C3I Magazine #34
C3I Magazine #34 C3I Magazine #34 C3I Magazine #34

C3i lehden numero 34

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• Over 100 pages of content, C3i Nr 34 features "Kursk: The Tigers are Burning, 1943" the first installment in the C3i Combined Arms series, designed by Trevor Bender(includes a large 22x34" map and 114 counters!). Check out Cataclysm Now's Intro Video for Kursk

• Articles on board games Fields of Fire, SPQR, OCS, Undaunted: Normany, France 1944 and more!

• Inserts for The Hunters, Empire of the Sun, C3i Nr 33's Battle of Issy, For the People, Stalingrad '42, Imperial Struggle and others!