Norway 1940

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Norway 1940
Norway 1940

Saksan hyökkäys Norjaan 1940 Huhtikuussa

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Norway 1940 -peli keskittyy Saksan hyökkäykseen Norjaan 1940. Liittoutuneet puollustavat Norjaa maalla ja merellä.

Kieli: Englanti

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Game easy to play, which simulates the German air-naval invasion of Norway in April 1940. The units must be taken to Norway by sea or by air transport with the consequent danger of sinking in the trip, in addition, the German player must also manage the necessary supplies to be able to fight in Norway, while the Allied ones are going to Against invading Norway with landings in Narvik, generating one of the most epic battles of the Second World War.

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