From Salerno to Rome

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From Salerno to Rome
From Salerno to Rome From Salerno to Rome

Uusi peli sijoittuu Italiaan, alkaen maihinnoususta Salernoon

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Kymmenen kuukautta Italiassa 1943-1944. Salernosta Roomaan 5:n kilometrin heksoilla ja kuukauden vuoroilla. Matkan varrella Foggia, Ortona, Cassio. Mikä voi mennä vikaan? 

Pelin suunnittelija Sergio Schiavi 

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Time Scale: 1 turn = 1 month, turns subdivided in impulses.
Unit scale: Brigade, regiments, battalions, groups of 15-30 tank
Map Scale: 1 hex = 5 Km
Number of Players: Two
Playing Time: 2 hours for the shortest scenario, Ortona. 6-12 hours for the entire campaign
Complexity: 3 out of 5
Solitaire Suitability: 2,5 out 5


Two 22x34 inch maps (55,8 x 86,5 cm), depicting the Italian peninsula from Salerno to Rome
550+ counters


Salerno - The landing of the 5th Army.

Ortona - The shortest scenario of all; the 8th Army crosses the Sangro river and engages a fight at Ortona, defended by the Green Devils of the German 1st parachute division.

Anzio e Cassino - The Shingle Operation and the bloody battles of Cassino.

Diadem - The breakthrough of the Gustav line and the German entry into Rome.

The Kesselring’s Option: Foggia Counterattack - A hypothetical scenario, yet absolutely plausible: The 2nd SS Panzerkorps counterattacks in an attempt to reconquer Foggia and its precious airports.

The Campaign Game - The whole campaign, from the landing in Salerno to the conquest of Rome. The longest game!