Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition

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Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition
Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition

John Edwardsin sotapeliklassikko uusintapainoksena!

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Toimitusaika 7 - 30 työpäivää

Alunperin vuonna 1978 julkaistu Fortress Europa keskittyy liittoutuneiden liikkeisiin Länsieuroopan rintamalla. Pelin ajanjakso alkaa Normandian maihinnoususta ja jatkuu maaliskuulle 1945. Heksaskaala on 25 mailia per heksa.

Julkaisijan sivuilta:

This Designer Signature edition of the classic John Edwards game includes super-sized components; larger game map and 5/8" counters. Some of the enhancements made in this edition include:

  • • Super-sized components feature 5/8” counters and two game maps
  • • All artwork and info updated
  • • Unit counter artwork embellished to include reduced strength, optional air units, and additional utility markers
  • • Charts and Tables available on the game map and on separate player aid cards for convenient referencing
  • • Re-designed and enhanced player aid cards
  • • Enhanced ergonomics are built into the set up and reinforcement charts (with helpful game play reminders)
  • • Revised Sudden Death Victory Conditions
  • • All new Invasion Sequence Chart to facilitate game play
  • • Rules presentation honors the acclaimed TAHGC edition with formatting improvements and a more formulized Sequence of Play
  • • All errata from TAHGC edition have been incorporated into the rules
  • • Minor rules adjustments; no major changes to the Standard Game
  • • Revised and expanded optional rules based on extensive playtesting
  • • Updated scenarios with fine-tuning to maximize play balance
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